Why should you get your Bins Clean.

Why should you get your Bins Clean.

Bins are dump sites for trash you no longer need, and you already have a working system in place to get rid of that trash—the waste management guys. So, why would you need to get your bin cleaned?

People feel comfortable enough to leave the waste inside their bins rotting in the sun until the Waste Collectors empty it. Even then, it doesn’t matter whether it’s empty or not; the bin reeks.

You would find people attempting all sorts of gymnastics so that they don’t have to touch their dirty wheelie bins when they want to empty trash into it. Many people have gotten so accustomed to the horrible smell that accompanies waste bins and have just accepted it as normal or part of life. It’s not.

Just like you tidy up and clean your home’s surroundings and other property like your car, your bin also needs cleaning.

5 Reasons Why You Need Your Bins Cleaned

If it’s not obvious already, we’ll tell you why you would need your bins cleaned. These are our top 5 reasons why you should clean your bins regularly:

Smelly Trash Bin Stinky Bin

1.    To get rid of horrible smells

It’s really unpleasant when you walk by your bin, and you can’t but hold your breath until you’re well past the area. It doesn’t have to be so.

Because of the type of waste people put in their bins, the smell that emanates from the decomposing garbage is enough to make stomachs church from disgust. When food decomposes, it lets off a foul odor that is a major turn-off to most people.

This smell also gives an impression to visitors and passersby that says “you’re dirty.”  Cleaning your bins regularly helps to get rid of that smell effectively.

2.    For protection from germs

If your bin is smelling, be rest assured that it’s already germ-infested. Bins are breeding grounds for bad bacteria such as salmonella and E. Coli. You may even find the life-threatening Listeria bacteria in a dirty bin.

Asides from bacteria, maggots, and flies find dirty bins a haven. They’re drawn to rotting food and waste, which you can commonly find in bins. If these germs and maggots find their way to your home, you and the rest of your home are at risk of diseases.

This can be avoided by regular cleaning of your bins.

3.     To ward off rodents and small animals

A dirty wheelie bin is an attraction for rodents, mice, and vermins in general. These creatures love to dig through the trash for bits of food and leftovers.

When they know they can regularly access this waste from your bins, it becomes difficult to drive them away. Eventually, they make their way into your home or office and cause further destruction or damages.

You can keep rats and vermins at bay when you keep a thoroughly, frequently cleaned bin.

4.   You can avoid wasp infestations

Yes, wasps are suckers for dirty bins too—and what’s worse than getting stung by a wasp? It’s not an entirely pleasant experience.

Wasps are attracted to the scent of sweet nectar-like scents, which can easily come from rotting fruits or some types of foods. In the hot summer, they’re also interested in protein foods like leftover beef, fish, or chicken.

If they catch a whiff of this scent, and your bin breeds the right environment for them, then they’re there to stay. If you don’t want a wasp situation on your hands, it’s best to keep a clean bin.

5.    To avoid huge fines and penalties

Many people don’t know that their dirty wheelie bins can cause penalties or rack up huge fines for them. For instance, if contaminated water or dirty leakages from your bin seep into drains or certain grounds, you may cause pollution or even contaminate healthy drinking water.

If this is traced back to your bin, you are at risk of incurring heft fines or even jail time.

How Do You Clean Your Dirty Bins?

The answer is simple; get your bins cleaned thoroughly and regularly by professionals. Regularly keeping bin hygiene will improve your health, family’s safety, and the impression people have about your home or office. You also get rid of the nasty bin smells that have become commonplace today.

Live a hygienic life, get in touch with professional bin cleaners to rid your compound of waste residues. To find out more about our services or book an appointment, contact us on this number [...] and we’ll help you get started.

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